Today we embarked on a new part of our adventure - both of us are now full time photographers! I have been full time for 2 and a half years and now my love @redbeardroy has finally joined me in full timey-wimey-ness! Im so excited to not only grow our little passion even more together but also to have per than just the cats and dogs as my office buddies. The conversations with them can be relatively one sided.

We are now available to travel anywhere, anytime, and all over! We want to take our cameras on the go and shoot ridiculously in love people everywhere we can. Let the adventures continue! Here’s to taking big leaps and unapologetic love! (at M+R HQ FLORENCE)

Want to come oogle some perfect bridal details? Jami surprised Nick by wearing her cowgirl boots under her wedding dress and the look on his face after their first look when she showed him was priceless. Their perfect country wedding at @rodaleinstitute was one for the books, we want to go back and live it all over again! And how about that pretty bouquet by @karmaandtrunk ?? Swoon!!

We love hanging out with our buddies @im_jessica_oh and her sweet hubby! Can’t wait to see her in a few short weeks for her workshop in Colorado! 🗻✌️

Roy and I are stateside again and we are already missing the Irish countryside and itching to get back to Europe, so if you’re not local to NJ or the surrounding tri-state area don’t hesitate to chat us up about wandering anywhere for photography. Thankfully we are already back in the saddle so-to-speak (fitting, since I took this photo while riding a horse) and visiting @im_jessica_oh and her sweet farm house in the mountains for a shoot tomorrow! (at Ennis Co. Clare)

Today’s farm wedding was an epic one! All we can say is how much we fricken love what we do and the people we get to do it with. Congrats, Jami and Nick! #jamiandnick (at Rodale Institute)

Beyond excited to see our photos from @thenotwedding up on our favorite blog, @ruffledblog along with the most talented group of vendors around! Be sure to check out the recap from the event on Ruffled! So glad we got to meet and make new friends with these lovelies and more: @primroseandcompany @madebyanatomy @belovely_design @fmnvintageinc @cutandpastephotobooth @peachplumpearphoto @jessicacooperphotography @upriseweddings @philawedding @phillycakemaker @littlebabysic @justbestudio @theelectricgentlemandj (at Power Plant Productions)

Sometimes you need to run around in a field barefoot with your love in perfect sun days that break through the storm clouds and we are 110% here for that! Live your life full of adventurous and spontaneous love!

These two cuties got hitched today and there was lots of ducks involved! Congrats Shana + Ian! (at Smithville Inn, Historic Smithville NJ)

@primroseandcompany is so insanely talented!!!!! We are blown away by the beautiful vision Michelle brought to life today for Shana + Ian! LOVE! (at Smithville Inn, Historic Smithville NJ)

Roy and I are going to be exploring the Emerald Isle together this month! We are so excited because it’s Roy’s first time in Europe and I can’t wait to show him all of my favorite spots in Ireland and visit our family and friends. I’m also super giddy about discovering new places with him. While we are on our trip to Ireland we decided to do a little photo project. Get in touch with me to find out more about our project and to get in front of our cameras while we are there!